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Some Jalgaon tips for travellers

Jalgaon is not only distinguished as holding the status of India's Gold capital but has a rich history of having been the seat of power of many great historic places. Jalgaon is the district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It was formerly known as East Khandesh district. Jalgaon is near the world famous Ajanta Caves and is one of the key attraction places for tourists all around the World. It is a major business centre for tea, gold, pulses, cotton and bananas.


Ajanta Caves

The Ajanta Caves are a series of 29 Buddhist cave templesin Ajanta, India, some of which date from the 2nd century BC. Encompassing both Theravada and Mahayana Buddhist traditions, the Ajanta caves preserve some of the best masterpieces of Buddhist art in India. Many visitors explore the Ajanta Caves in conjunction with the nearby Ellora Caves.


Changdeo Temple

Changdeo Temple is located at beautiful natural location in back water area of Hatnur dam. The location also has confluence of Tapi and Purna rivers. The Temple is given Protected Monument status by ASI India with its rich design and ancient art work done.


Parola Fort

Parola fort was built in 1727 and the size of the fort is 160 to 130-sq-meters. It is believed that the fort belongs to the father of the Great Rani of Jhansi, Laxmibai. Hence, Parola is believed to be the native of Rani Laxmibai.


Saint Muktabai Temple

Saint Muktabai temple is region's ancient temple with Goddess Muktabai being honoured at deity of region. There are two temples of this deity namely Mehun temple and new Muktabai Temple located in MuktaiNagar city.


Saint Sakharam Maharaj Temple

The Saint Sakharam Maharaj Temple is one of popular religious places in the region and is named as the copy of Pandharpur (West Maharashtra). The Temple has various Deity temples inside it. The Annual Saint Sakharam Maharaj Festival is very popular throughout Maharashtra.



Unapdev is located at a distance of 25kms from Chopda city and 4kms from Adavad. Unapdev is listed as an ASI site. Hot-water springs are situated in the Satpudas at Unapdeo in Chopda tehsil. Like Unapdev, Sunapdev, Nijhardev are two other hot water breezes generated in Satpuda hills range. All these three places have special mention in ancient holy 'Ramayana' and had auspicious touch of Lord Rama during his fourteen years expulsion from Ayodhya.